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Parkinson’s Disease in Africa

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurological disorder (after Alzheimer’s) in the world, and it is currently the fastest growing — with cases across Africa expected to rise significantly in the coming years. With this projected increase comes an even greater need to address the lack of awareness, misconceptions and stigma surrounding PD in Africa.

The production of this post is part of a larger initiative – the S.E.E. Parkinson’s health literacy campaign, put together by Parkinson’s Africa and IPDGC-Africa, to address the scarcity of relevant educational and informational PD resources in Africa.

To learn more about the initiative, or to access other translations of this post, please visit www.desaluparkinsonsfoundation.org

If you have PD or are looking to learn more about the disease, this post was put together for you. We understand that being
diagnosed with PD can be an emotional and scary experience for some, but we believe that being equipped with the right information is the best way to fight back. This post is one of several resources wehave put together to help you fight back. For additional PD information and resources, please visit www.desaluparkinsonsfoundation.org.

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